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And, we're the premier decking, porch and patio building organization in the greater Frederick, Maryland area.
About Our Deck Company in Frederick MD

Deck Company Myths

about your deck or patio project

  • Myth: A composite deck costs twice as much as a wood deck.
    Truth: Over the course of time, a composite deck is less expensive due to lower maintenance costs.
  • Myth: My deck needs to be torn down and there is nothing that can be done.
    Truth: There is a very good chance that your deck framing can support new deck boards and railings. We call it a "Deck Makover" and we execute them all the time.
  • Myth: I applied a clear water sealer, like Thompson's Water Seal, to my wood deck or fence so everything is ok.
    Truth: The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be just as damaging to exposed wood as moisture. All exterior wood should be both sealed and stained with a pigment, which reflect sunlight for full protection.
  • Myth: Sanding my deck can eliminate splinters and jagged edges.
    Truth: Pressure treated wood is not like the finished wood floors found in your home. Sanding will yield minimal and temporary benefits in minimizing splinters and jagged edges. The customer is likely to be disappointed.
  • Myth: I can get a meaningful estimate over the phone.
    Truth: Any home improvement project must be seen to be evaluated. Over the phone estimates are rarely requested by serious customers and only provided by lazy contractors.
  • Myth: If I discuss my budget, I will end up over paying.
    Truth: If you receive multiple estimates, for the same scope of work, a fair market price will be revealed, eliminating the fear of overpaying. However, you might find your budget expectation and theactual free market are mismatched.
  • Myth: If I team up with my neighbor we can get a better deal.
    Truth: While the same contractor often builds multiple decks and or paver patios in the same neighborhood. They are rarely, if ever, combination arrangements. Individual family needs and budgets are the driving force behind most home improvement projects.
  • Myth: A deck will cost me less than a paver patio.
    Truth: Usually a flat paver patio can be cheaper than a deck of comparable size. Decks are heavily regulated building structures and composite and vinyl materials cost more than concrete pavers. However, the cost of a paver patio may dramatically increase with features such as sitting walls, pillars, lighting and dramatic changes in elevation.

What began as the dream of one honest hardworking man and his two sons a decade ago has evolved into the premier decking, porch and patio building organization in the state of Maryland. Even though our principle founder is no longer involved in day to day company operations, he remains chairman of our advisory council and his words of wisdom make it to every job site.

While our ownership structure has transformed through the years, our guiding principles have remained unchanged: honest bids, honest work, honest earnings.

Our decade long mission has been to enhance the outdoor living experience for our customers at a wide variety of the price spectrum. Our customer database contains over 2,000 satisfied customers and is growing by the day, but we have not forgotten what "hands on" ownership means.

Our local ownership team, regional investors, management, advisory committee and craftsmen are proud of the work we have accomplished; but we are not looking back. Moving forward, we remain committed to being to top deck company in Frederick, MD and achieving customer satisfaction from the point of first contact and throughout the project lifespan.

Yes, we have a funny name but the competition isn't laughing.

How do you know you're getting the best outdoor living company in town?

Top Ten Reasons To Choose The Deck Heads
  1. Insurance: Our liability insurance covers all parties against unforeseen accidents or damages. If you hire an unlicensed and or uninsured deck company you could be held liable for accidents! Every year we undergo an independent insurance and compliance audit to ensure we are meeting the toughest industry standards.
  2. Experience: Forty years construction experience is on tap through our advisory committee. No one can know it all, but a team of experienced construction experts can solve just about any industry challenge. We have industry leading consultants who keep us on our toes.
  3. Warranties: We stand behind our construction and maintenance projects with workmanship warranty options that allow you to move forward with confidence.
  4. Estimates/Contracts: Realize the security of clearly written construction contracts and estimates with firm pricing and full scope of work details. We don't play the bait and switch game. The first sign of trouble for the consumer is a contractor that can't provide written documentation of his intentions. A written contract protects all parties.
  5. Crew Members: All of our crew member craftsmen are our employees, not sub contractors. Some have been with The Deck Heads since its inception and all of them have an extensive skill set that allow for them to operate as single minded professionals.
  6. Crew Compensation: Construction and maintenance crew compensation is dependent on timely project completion and your satisfaction. Our customers are often blown away by how efficient and professional our crews perform. Bottom line: they get paid to get the job done on time and on budget and to make customers happy.
  7. Customer References: After a decade in business, seventy percent of our business results from satisfied customer referrals. They are the lifeblood of our organization and business model. We always provide you names and contact information from our customer reference database so you can verify for yourself.
  8. Project Management: Professional project management principles are ingrained in our day to day operations. We employ critical path scheduling and work flow management to ensure that only properly skilled crewmen show up on time and fully prepared to execute your project.
  9. Licensing: All deck companies in the state of Maryland are required to have a current license. We have never operated without one and we display our license number on all of our advertising, contracts and business cards so that you can check for yourself.
  10. Permits: All projects are built to meet or exceed state and local building codes, depending on the jurisdiction. We handle the permitting process including all field inspections.

We're the Deck, Porch, and Patio Experts!