Fresh air living

Don't let bugs, harsh sunlight and rain stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. With a custom-built screened porch, you can enjoy being outdoors with all the comforts of the indoors.

Screened Porches

Are you frustrated by how little time you get to spend on your deck because of the harsh elements? Would you like to relax and recharge outdoors unconcerned with rain, direct sun or annoying bugs and mosquitoes?

A new screened porch designed and built by The Deck Heads might be the best bet for enhancing your outdoor living for much less than a traditional addition.

To keep costs in check, it may be possible to convert a portion of an existing deck into a screened porch without starting all over.

There are many considerations when evaluating a screened porch project. Keep reading and learn about them.


If you are like most of our clients, you are clear about at least one thing: a deck alone just isn't good enough and it's time to do something about it.

Here is the easy part: you would like to avoid direct sun, bugs and rain, but still enjoy the backyard. You can do just that. See our screen porch consultation checklist for a quick preview.

Screened Porch Consultation Check List
Construction Options
Exterior Roof Styles Gable Shed Hip
Interior Ceiling Styles Vaulted/Standard Height Hidden Rafters Exposed Rafters
Interior Ceiling Finishes Tounge & Grooved Bead Board Stained or Painted
Lighting Overhead - Electric Electric Plug-ins Skylights
Screens Privacy Enhanced Picture Framed Open and Closeable
Material Cladding Natrual Wood Vinyl Mix and Match
Interior Wall Vinyl Siding Cedar Shingles Wood Siding

There are four primary factors that once considered allow a screened porch project to take shape.

1. Roof Style Tie-In

This sounds more complicated than it is. Simply put, the new screened porch has to connect to the existing home in some fashion. The style of roof lines (especially at the connection point) and the number of windows at the rear of the house play a major role in dictating design elements.

In accounting for windows, the roof line might incorporate and cover them, fall just beneath the windows or possibly fit between them. The effect of incorporating an existing window(s) within the screen porch should be carefully considered as it likely to limit lighting within the home's interior space.

For our discussion purposes, there are essentially three types of roofing styles: gable, shed and hip. In order to maintain aesthetic harmony it is often best to choose a roof design for the screened porch that is similar to the home.

2. Interior Ceiling Styles

Once the structural style of the roof has been determined we can consider how the roof appears from the inside. For Example, some ceilings are vaulted and open looking skyward while others are closed with a lower elevation (e.g. eight feet) like a traditional room in your home. Rafters can be exposed or hidden based on your taste for a rustic or sophisticated ambience.

Elegant bead board or tongue and groove wood planks can be added to either an open or closed design. Either material can be stained or painted to add the final finishing touches.

Also, skylights can be installed to provide for natural lighting depending on the sun exposure. This can have a dramatic effect and can help restore light to an interior room whose window was incorporated into the screened porch structure.

3. Footprint

Both budget and practicality come to play here. Consider how the space will be used. For example, will the family be eating dinner there on temperate evenings or do you plan for the space to serve as just overflow for the kids and pets? Also, how much furniture will fill the space? Remember, an oval shaped table and chairs can consume a healthy amount of square footage.

Further, don't forget, the screened porch should fit comfortably in proportion to the backyard footprint and should complement the homes overall aesthetic.

Finally, and for obvious reasons, size is a significant cost driver for which an accounting must be made to stay within budget. With that in mind, complimenting a smaller screened porch with a somewhat larger deck as opposed to the reverse configuration (i.e. large screened porch - small deck) might do the trick.

4. Materials

Just as with decks, the materials chosen to construct the screened porch can make a big difference with respect to price and ambience.

In making material choices be honest and realistic about the budget and evaluate the type of house siding currently in use. Find out if it is aluminum, vinyl, cement fiber or wood like cedar.

Organic wood might be best for those on a tight budget as vinyl cladding and rails and composite flooring can be costly, but don't forget, sound design requires attempting to achieve harmony with the surrounding and attached structure(s).

After your consultation you will have a level of comfort no matter the material choice.

Benefits of Wood Screened Porch

  • Easy on the budget
  • Choice of pine, redwood or cedar
  • Customized Design
  • Environmentally sound
  • Oil based earth toned stains and color add protection and style

Benefits of Composite and Vinyl Screened Porch

  • Low maintenance
  • No staining and sealing
  • No splinters
  • 20 plus year manufacturer warranties
  • Colors and designs that look and feel like real wood
  • No warping, cupping and splitting
  • Fade, scratch and stain resistant choices available

Customize your Screened Porch

  • Fans & lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Removable and privacy enhanced screens
  • Electrical outlets
  • Integrated roofing design to match your home
  • Vinyl cladding for low maintenance
  • Tongue and groove flooring and ceilings available
  • Add under mount screens to keep out pests from below

Benefits of Any Screened Porch

  • Escape the sun, rain and bugs
  • Add the comforts of lighting and overhead cooling fan
  • Enjoy outdoor eating and entertaining
  • Maximize home equity and resale value

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