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Concrete pavers add warmth and long-lasting elegance to your patio, driveway, front porch and more! Hardscape photo gallery

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Are you weary of plain, uninspiring and cracked concrete patios scattered amongst your property? Or, is your asphalt driveway turning into a crumbling mess full of pot holes? Worse, maybe brand new lawn furniture sits in the grass contributing to a muddy backyard mess. Sound familiar?

There are solutions. Add the warmth of color, the depth of geometric pattern and the elegance of clean design that complement the landscape with concrete pavers.

We only install nationally known brands such as Cambridge, which has a protective coating, or Belgard that kiln fire coloring throughout the paver rather than just on the topside. Deciding between them is a matter of cosmetic preference but they both resist significant weathering and fading, which is typical of discount brands found in the big box stores.

No need to worry, with a little hard work, The Deck Heads can complete a new patio or hardscape project for you and your family using only the best materials.


No matter the paver, the most important factor in patio paver installation is not what you see; it's what you don't see that matters most.

Patio & Hardscape Installation

The first step is proper excavation that must get low enough below current grade to allow for the installation of a strong patio foundation.

The second step is establishing proper grading, which should always be away from the house to allow rain water to gently flow away from the foundation.

Depending on the size of the job, these first two steps can be done by hand, shovel and wheel barrel or with a small Bobcat front loader.

Patio & Hardscape Tamper

Next, a tamper is used to properly compact the ground and then landscaping fabric is installed to help prevent the outgrowth of weeds. (Note: the tamper is used throughout various stages of the installation process although not mentioned each time for editorial purposes.)

Patio & Hardscape Tamper

Once that process is complete, it's time to install crusher run or gravel (often more than several tons!) to provide a strong foundation for the patio pavers and allow for proper drainage. If a contractor skimps on any of these steps mentioned the patio pavers could sink over time.

Patio base layer

A Layer of course sand is then put on top of the crusher run and the patio pavers are laid in the desired design pattern and leveled.

Patio Sand

After that, polymeric sand is brushed out on top of the patio pavers to fill the gaps, act as dry mortar and create a finished look.

Finished Patio Frederick MD

Finally, sitting walls, columns and other features are constructed. When the job is complete, you will have a long-lasting outdoor space to enjoy for years to come!

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We will build your ultimate outdoor living space: patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and more! Pavers are perfect for driveways, walkways, porches and retaining walls.