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Curb appeal doesn't stop in the front yard. Welcome friends, family and neighbors with open arms and tasteful style on a new or remodeled front porch.

Front Porches

At one time in the American past, the front porch was the center of attraction for outdoor family gathering.

While today most families enjoy congregating and entertain on the backyard deck, others still are rediscovering the utility, value and neighborhood interaction offered by the front porch.

Adding a front porch to an existing home is a serious construction project that will create a substantial boost in your home's value. Depending on the design of a home, the absence of a front porch can be a major obstacle to increasing home equity. In such cases, a backyard deck or even screen porch just isn't enough.

Porch Make Over

If a front porch is suffering from rotting posts, rails or sinking flooring, then a front porch makeover could be a solution that fits both need and budget.

What can be done?

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