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Don't let the harsh elements destroy your outdoor space. Regular upkeep prolongs the life of your deck, fence and porch, and saves you money over time!
Deck, Frence & Screened Porch Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your deck, fence and/or porch is necessary in order to prevent your outdoor space from aging prematurely. Keeping up with regular maintenance will save you a lot of money down the road!

Common Misconceptions Can Result in Big Costs!

  • I applied a water sealer to my wood deck and fence so everything should be ok.
  • Without the dual protection of both sealing and staining, a wood deck, screened porch or fence doesn't stand a chance against Mother Nature.

Unprotected wood absorbs morning dew, rain water and melting snow and ice. So begins the process of wood swelling and the inevitable contraction as the wood dries out due to the sun. This cycle happens over and over.

The constant exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays brings on yet additional challenges of graying and fading.

The end result is all too common and we see it in the two hundred or so decks we inspect every season: splitting, cracking, warping, cupping, mold, mildew, and algae.

Take action now before cosmetic problems grow into structural and safety dangers.

If your deck boards and railings are beyond repair, The Deck Heads can still save you from having to replace your entire deck by doing an expert Deck Makeover.

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What can be done?

The Deck Heads can help! We have a proven process to help prevent premature aging and protect your outdoor space from the harsh elements.


Before we can apply a protective coating of stain/sealer to your wood deck, fence or screened porch, we must first prepare the surface by performing a thorough cleaning. With expert use of a calibrated power washer, in conjunction with a specially formulated wood cleaner, you are on your way to wood renewal.


Once the wood surface has been appropriately prepared and has had an opportunity to dry out from the power washing, our technician can then return to apply new stain and sealer.

For most projects, we use a professional sprayer for large areas and cut in from the house and other structures with a brush. If you would like your stain and seal project performed by hand, we can offer that as an option.

Exceptional care is taken to protect plants, house siding and other structures.

The Deck Heads are a Wolman’s certified contractor, and when appropriate, use Wolman’s products that contain a moisture sealer, pigmented stains and wood preservatives. This confluence of ingredients ensures both protection from moisture and the ultra violet assault from the sun.

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Regular maintenance on your deck, fence and porch will save you money over time.
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