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Maximize Your Deck Frederick, MD

with a natural wood deck, composite deck with vinyl rails, or a combination of decking and stone or paver patio!

Wood Deck vs Composite & Vinyl Decks

Wood Deck installation Frederick, MD

If immediate budget value is the primary consideration for your deck material choice, then natural pressure treated pine steps to the plate and hits a home run.

Whether its pine or premium redwood and cedar, the beauty of organic wood never fails to impress and easily harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.

Consistent with our five star reputation we only build decks in Frederick, MD with number one pressure treated pine for the decking, which has minimal knots and imperfections and has a more finished appearance than lesser wood grades used by other contractors.

In addition, ever notice how often deck boards and nails begin to pop up on older decks over the years? If you have ever stubbed your toe on an old worn out deck with nails popping out its clear, using nails to attach decking boards is a bad idea. Well, our wood deck boards are installed using coated decking screws that resist corrosion and won't work loose over time, which is both unsightly and a trip hazard, so put those worries behind.

Installing deck boards with coated screws is more labor intensive and expensive than using a nail gun, but it is the best industry practice. Also, number one pressure treated pine is both more expensive and harder to attain than standard pressure treated pine decking but we absorb the additional expense, not the customer.

deck screws vs nails

Customize your Wood Deck

  • Benches and seating
  • Choose a herringbone decking pattern
  • Lattice skirts
  • Privacy lattice
  • Arbors
  • Planters
  • Party rails
  • Closed in Stairs
  • Sunburst design for rails

Benefits of a wood deck

  • Easy on the budget
  • Choice of pine, redwood or cedar
  • Enjoy outdoor eating and entertaining
  • Maximize home equity and resale value
composite and vinyl decks Frederick, MD

As with many industries, technological advancements have transformed modern deck installation in Frederick, MD. Today, the environmentally conscious and maintenance weary consumer has many options. As seen above, some composite materials can have the look and even the feel of organic wood.

Whatever the brand preference, Trex, Fiberon, Tamco or Azek, composite and vinyl decking and rails offer minimal maintenance and robust durability. So, say goodbye to costly chemical stripping, sealing and staining required to maintain wood. Also, splinters can become a thing of the past.

  • Composite decks cost twice as much as wood and I will never get it back.
  • Due to lower maintenance expenses, over time a composite deck costs you less than wood. For example, the average cost to power wash, stain and seal an average deck on a single family home every two years could average over $725.00 each time. Ouch! Plus, the average life span of a wood deck is over twenty years; so do the math and strongly consider composite and vinyl if you can afford the upfront investment

Our construction crews, sales force and executive management are continually re-trained in the latest industry advancements and installation procedures.

Also, our no obligation deck consultation is crafted to educate and empower the consumer to make sound composite and vinyl design choices.

Customize your Composite Deck

  • Benches and seating
  • Choose a herringbone decking pattern
  • Lattice skirts
  • Privacy lattice
  • Arbors
  • Planters
  • Closed in Stairs

Benefits of Composite and Vinyl decks

  • Low maintenance
  • No staining and sealing
  • No splinters
  • 20 plus year manufacturer warranties
  • Colors and designs that look and feel like real wood
  • No warping, cupping and splitting
  • Fade, scratch and stain resistant choices available

Deck Heads Superior Safety & Quality

Deck Installation Frederick, MD

Let's put the cosmetic and maintenance issues aside in the Wood verses Composite debate for a minute and get down to brass tax: Nothing is more important than how a deck is installed!

It's not ego; its reality. Cut it anyway you like. Our decks are just built better than the competition and our Safe & Secure Standard Features offer sensational value.

Better still, if you are looking for ultimate safety, choose our one of a kind Safe & Secure Premium Upgrades.

Don't take our word on it. Use the feature check list below so that you can make an "apples to apples" comparison between The Deck Heads and other contractors.

They will be amazed at your deck framing knowledge and you might be surprised by what they don't know.
Safe & Secure Standard Features Why Do These Features Matter? The Deck Heads Contractor B
Free standing post & beam deck structure Helps prevent collapse - Reduces bounce YES ?
12" on center deck joists Reduces bounce - Improves structural integrity YES ?
Hurricane galvanized joist hangers on both ends Improves structural Integrity - Double the standard regulations YES ?
Coated decking screws Resist rust and helps prevent deck boards from dislodging YES ?
Blocking between deck joists Reduces bounce and horizontal sway - Strengthens deck rails YES ?
Four foot wide stairs Provides for safer egress YES ?
Safe & Secure Premium Upgrade Features Why Do These Features Matter? The Deck Heads Contractor B
Doubled 2x10 rim joist/ban boards Strengthens deck rails - Improves structural integrity YES ?
Doubled 2x10 outside stair stringers Strengthens stair rails - Improves integrity YES ?
Under Deck Cross-members Reduces horizontal sway - Improves structural integrity YES ?
Sand down Decking Smooth down the decking for fit and finish YES ?
Galvanized decking screws Guaranteed against rust and corrosion YES ?
Blocking behind all 4x4 rail posts Strengthens deck rails - Improves structural integrity YES ?

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Whether it's natural wood or composite and vinyl, we offer a free no-strings-attached, in-home deck consultation.